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Рубрика МК от дизайнера - рамка для фото от Mosia

Hello, it's mosia here :-)
Today I'd like to show you how I make my frames.
For my tutorial I choose a mixed-media frame - don't worry, it's "light" mixed-media ;-)

The ready frame looks like this:

OK. So let's start with "ingredients":
  • a frame to alter: the best is white for this kind of frame but if you have got ( ex. black - like me ) you just need sandpaper to clear it out;
  • white gesso;
  • a spatula;
  • an emery board;
  • a piece of fiberglass mesh - it will be our stencil;
  • acrylic liquid medium;
  • scrapbook paper: to decorate edges of the frame;
  • glue
  • a brush
  • a set of decorations ( flowers, pearls, string.... ) which you want to use to decorate your frame.

And now we are ready to work.

1. If you have a white frame you can skip this step but if you don't, well, you need a while to clear your frame out. I had a black one unfortunately, but it was my last so I needed to use that one.
So, grab your sandpaper and get to work:

2. The frame is ready. Now we're going to use our "stencil" - put the gesso on the frame through a stencil:

After 2-3 minutes remove it from the frame:

Here you can see what a nice effect does the fiberglass mesh make:

3. When it will dry, we have to paint our frame with diluted gesso:

You see, now the pattern is all white.

4. Decorating: here you do what you want. Of course, it's easier to do it at the end but this time I did it at this stage of work - it's really not so important.

Below, my version:

5. Now, glue the stripes of paper to the edges of the frame ( if you want, you don't have to do this - you can leave the edges painted only with gesso, it also looks great ):

 6. The last step - finishing.
Firstly, we have to grab our emery boards and rub the paper edges:

Can you see the difference?

And now, one more time, paint the whole frame with acrylic liquid medium - the paper edges won't look like paper anymore.

The frame got the gloss now ;-)

One more time, the ready frame:

I hope you liked my tutorial and maybe you will show us your mixed-media frames - 
I'd be very pleased if you do :-)


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